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Ches Crosbie

I Wrote Ches Crosbie’s Weird Instagram Posts

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My hands tremble as I write these words, this foul admission of my greatest professional shame—and yet, I am filled with an incredible lightness.

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Hundreds Rally for Oil and Gas at Confederation Building

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Hundreds of people urgently demanded “political support” for the offshore oil and gas industry. But Premier Andrew Furey did not offer anything specific.

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Milestone or Millstone?: Unpacking the Premier’s “Plan”

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Several days after the premier’s “significant announcement,” neither the plan—or Dwight Ball’s political future—is clear.

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There are No Captains at the Wheel

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election 2019 nl

This election is a referendum on Newfoundland and Labrador’s political class, and the status quo is losing. All we’re missing is a way to vote “no.”

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The Phony War

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Photo by CHMR/The Independent.

Well, the provincial election is finally here. After months of rumours and weeks of high-volume spending announcements, Premier Dwight Ball this week called a snap election for 16 May 2019. If your democratic morale is low, fear not—this will all be mercifully over by May Two-Four, so we’ll be able to flee into the woods and get drunk to process what’s happening. Lord knows it will be necessary. To be honest, this barely even feels real. The whole campaign is already a giant fever dream. Twirling Towards the Future Even though everything is happening according to their schedule, it’s hard to avoid the impression that the Liberals are flying through this by the seat of their pants. They spent the last month making major funding announcements obviously meant to shock and awe the electorate into submission. We got the $2.5 billion Hibernia Dividend; we got the elimination of tax on…

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Talking about the weather in Windsor Lake…

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It’s unusual for this publication to let an election or even byelection go by with nary a comment. Yet despite the rapidly approaching Windsor Lake byelection, it took me a while to figure out what to say. I considered focusing on the Liberals. Oh, where to start? Their failure to tackle unemployment, which is the province’s biggest crisis and one nobody seems interested in talking about? Their failure to do anything remotely constructive to grow or diversify the economy over the past three years? The fact they fall to their knees grovelling at any big industry that comes knocking, handing the big mainland industrialists whatever they ask for on a silver platter, whether it’s royalty concessions or waiving environmental regulations? The fact that they’ve done nothing to secure the people of the province against ruinous energy bills as a result of the Muskrat Falls debacle, besides some vague promises that…

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No reconciliation for N.L. residential school survivors, yet

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As mediation talks continue in a class action lawsuit against the Government of Canada for its failure to recognize and take responsibility for N.L. residential school survivors, observers say the recently released Truth and Reconciliation report offers people in this province and across Canada an opportunity to pursue a meaningful course of action to repair the relationship between settlers and Indigenous Peoples.

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Indy Newshour debuts on Keep Station Radio

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The Independent’s new radio show will stream Sunday evenings at 8 p.m. at keepstation.ca

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