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Will the latest report on Canada’s shoddy childcare help to reduce government neglect?

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A recent report on Canada’s abysmal failure to protect and care for the country’s youngest and most vulnerable citizens—its children—made headlines and stirred ripples of shame and outrage. Compiled by Children First Canada and the O’Brien Institute for Public Health, the study found that children in Canada suffer from shockingly high rates of poverty, obesity, infant mortality, abuse, suicide, and declining mental health. Calling these grim statistics “deeply disturbing,” Sara Austin, director of Children First, pointed out that “Canada ranks as the fifth-most prosperous nation in the world, but there’s a big disconnect between the well-being of our country and the well-being of our children. All levels of government need to do more to ensure that children benefit from Canada’s overall wealth.” This plea for decent high-quality child care in Canada is only the latest in a long list of such supplications. It is only the latest such report detailing…

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The myth of Canadian progress

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In the current squabble over improving drug coverage and child care in this country, it’s crucial that the social programs provided in Canada be compared with the far superior benefits that are provided citizens of most European countries. Apart from the United States, Canada is the only advanced nation that confines its public health care to the services of physicians and hospitals. In Europe, coverage is universal and comprehensive, incorporating dental and vision care as well as pharmaceuticals. The latest OECD report on the social spending of its 34 member states ranks Canada 24th for its relatively low 17.2 percent of GDP expended on social programs. Most of the countries that surpass Canada have social spending rates higher than 24 percent of GDP, and several, including France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Ireland, and the three Scandinavian countries, have rates that exceed 28 percent. Incredibly, even the United States ranks above Canada…

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Time to fix the childcare problem

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Childcare is an investment in our society’s future. Let’s start treating it like one.

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To stay, or not to stay

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Daycare? Or stay-at-home? It’s a difficult decision.

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St. John’s 3rd best city in Canada to be a woman: report

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Well, sort of.

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Population growth and “scary” demographics

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We’re losing young people, our population is aging, and many, including the premier, are concerned about the future of our province. Here’s a look at some numbers and a suggestion on how to address the problem.

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If they won’t listen to the experts, maybe they’ll listen to the accountants

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Commercial child care doesn’t work. Even the accountants say so.

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Save the children! No, like really.

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New survey paints a grim picture for childcare in this province

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