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No Safe Bet: Why Newfoundland & Labrador is Canada’s Casino Holdout

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In 2010, when Colliers International was listing the Battery Hotel and Suites for $15 million, they dared buyers to imagine alternate usages for the property—even those that went against provincial policy. “Newfoundland is one of only two Canadian provinces that does not have a provincially approved casino,” Colliers said in a brochure. “If this highly interesting situation changes, the site is sufficiently large to accommodate a Class A casino and hotel.” “Our policy doesn’t permit casinos in the province,” then-finance minister Tom Marshall told reporters at the time. “There’s been no change in that policy.” When asked if he’d reconsider the policy if a casino application was submitted, he was unequivocal: “No.” By 2014, Marshall was premier and Charlene Johnson, then-finance minister, suggested to reporters that they might be willing to consider a good offer. Saying the government would review proposals stopped far short of saying they would be approved,…

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The Liberals’ new Independent Patronage Commission

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An independent appointments commission, as it’s currently proposed, will do more to mask existing problems than actually solve them.

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In Full Retreat: How the provincial government is crushing conservation (Pt. 2)

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Newfoundland and Labrador’s astonishingly poor protected areas record cannot simply be the result of benign neglect (Part 2 of 2).

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Blue Rodeo, 25 years on

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Co-founder and lead singer Greg Keelor talks about the band’s early years, the Idle No More movement and his support for native rights. They play St. John’s on Saturday.

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The story of Danny and Dean

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On Friday The Telegram published an article worth looking at which compares the stories of Danny Williams and Dean MacDonald; MacDonald is a former business partner of Williams whose interest in the leadership of the provincial Liberal party has been rumoured for many years – but now seems to be gaining some momentum. The Telegram makes the point that Newfoundlanders always seem to be searching for the star premier – whether it be a Joey, a Clyde, a Brian, or a Danny. Are we now looking for a Dean? Check out the read at the link below. Source: The Telegram

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Decker believes Aylward should step down

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“All of us Liberals owe Kevin a tremendous debt. What he did for the party was absolutely outstanding,” said Chris Decker, a former minister in the Clyde Wells Liberal government of the early 90’s. “[But] my advice to Kevin would be to step aside.” Liberal leaders Kevin Aylward did not win his own riding in Stephenville, which means that the official opposition is left without its leader in the House of Assembly. There are three options ahead for the party: Aylward can step aside and the party can appoint a new interim leader; Aylward can ask one of his elected MHAs to resign so that he can run in a by-election to win a ‘safe’ seat; or he can stay on as leader. Some believe that the latter option is most reasonable – Aylward did not enter into the fray expecting to be the leader long term, but he did…

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