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democratic reform

NL Election 2021: The Foggy Road Ahead

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The 2021 provincial election is over. It is time to start the work of repairing what has been broken, or brace for another cascade failure.

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Proportional Representation: Why aren’t we winning?

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If we want to ever get a proportional representation referendum in this province we’re going to have to rethink our strategies.

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Reclaiming democracy

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With an election this fall, 2015 is a big year for Canadian politics and democracy. But how much can really change, even if we do manage to vote Harper out of office?

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God guard thee, Newfoundland

in Deadmonton Dispatches by

What the rushed passage of controversial Bill 42 reveals about our leading political parties, their understanding of legislative reform and their propensity for anti-democratic decision-making

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2014: Newfoundland & Labrador ‘Year in Review’

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We need a ‘bigger picture’ perspective if we’re to achieve the large scale change we desperately need. The Independent was there to cover the stories that mattered most in 2014. Help us do it again this year: #GoIndy2015!

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The cruel optimism of reform

in Power and Dissent by

Newfoundland and Labrador is on the low road to a difficult future

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Going out the back door

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With the “Fair Elections Act” the federal Conservatives may have the trump, but they’re not playing with a full deck

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Real choice means you can say “No”

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If people had the option to select “None of the Above” on a ballot they would get more of what they really want and less of what they do not

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