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In defence of tax hikes

in A Measured Opinion by

No one likes it when taxes go up, but sometimes it’s for the best.

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God guard thee, Newfoundland

in Deadmonton Dispatches by

What the rushed passage of controversial Bill 42 reveals about our leading political parties, their understanding of legislative reform and their propensity for anti-democratic decision-making

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A night at the Duke…

in To Each Their Own by

What happens at the Duke stays at the Duke… until now

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Dwight Ball points out the PC government missed a deadline

in Daily Indygestion/Email Indygestion/Journalism by

One of the downsides to providing such a detailed election platform (see here) is that there is a lot for your opponents to hold you to account for. Such seems to the case for the governing Tories, whose platform was incredibly detailed. VOCM is reporting that Liberal leader Dwight Ball took the microphones today to announce Premier Kathy Dunderdale has missed her own government’s deadline to provide a provincial strategy on reducing wait times in emergency rooms and for orthopedic surgeries. Ball said the Premier promised, during the Fall election, to have such a strategy ready within her first 120 days in office. The government better keep closer tabs on its promises – you can bet the opposition parties will be. Source: VOCM

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