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Cod Haven’t Fully Returned, but We Still Return for the Cod

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Fishing can still be an important part of our lives. Preserving the cod and traditional fishing approaches requires reverence for this big fish.

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The Future (of Fishing) is Female

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Women have been the backbone of the Newfoundland and Labrador fishery for centuries. Earning that recognition is reshaping the maritime world.

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Fishers need dialogue, not explanations

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Scientists don’t need to do a better job of explaining themselves to fishers — they need to do a better job of listening to them.

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CETA: taking stock(s)

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The Canada-European Union free trade agreement is coming. Labrador and Newfoundland are both part of Canada. Sadly, but ultimately, Canada controls our fisheries.

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Spring again

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With spring comes new life, and a thawing reminder of human activity’s cumulative effects on the natural environment.

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Fishing In Tilting

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A writer’s account of jigging their first cod…

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Three men fined $13,000 for salmon netting

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A man from Happy Valley-Goose Bay was fined $4,000 for illegally fishing Atlantic salmon with a net and $1,000 for fishing after the end of the season. Meanwhile, two others have pleaded guilty to the charge of fishing with a net in inland waters; fish and wildlife enforcement officers observed both men this Summer setting a net in North West Brook near the community of Trinity. They were fined $4,000 each. All of the violations were uncovered through tips from the public. All three men have 18 months to pay the fines and is prohibited from fishing inland or within 30 metres of coastal waters for three years. Source: CBC

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Newfoundland one of the world’s top ten fishing destinations

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It’s not definitive, but we still made a list; online travel adviser Cheapflights.com offered its top 10 fishing destinations today – and Newfoundland scored the 8th spot. Also on the list: Sutherland (Scotland), Phuket (Thailand), Florida Keys (USA), Cape Town (South Africa), Sicily (Italy), Cabo San Lucas (Mexico), Montauk Point (USA), Puget Sound (USA), and Victoria (Australia). Source: TVNZ

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VIDEO BLOG: The end of the food fishery in Flat Rock

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On Sunday, Bruce Bourque had his video camera with him in Flatrock.

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VIDEO: The most interesting people in Newfoundland | Clarence Riggs

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Clarence Riggs

Martin heads to Glovertown and hears about The International Grenfell Association

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