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Indy Inks (3 March 2020)

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“Then again, maybe this hon. Member is not always on the side of the law himself. I don’t know. What I can say is that he really needs to be more careful.”

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The rise of nativism in NL politics

in To Each Their Own by

Our provincial and post-secondary leaders are playing with a dangerous idea.

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MUN community must unite against provincial government’s austerity

in Power and Dissent by

Questionable strategy, fractured university community means everyone loses.

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MHAs, what do we tell our children after Budget 2016?

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Many are hoping Liberal MHAs, with a long weekend to ponder their role in shaping the province’s future, will return to work on Tuesday with their minds made up to put their constituents before their party and land on the right side of history.

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A movement is born

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The provincial government’s 2016 austerity budget has sparked province-wide outrage and politicized a “whole new generation of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians [who are] not going away.”

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Corner Brook residents march against austerity

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First Nations leaders, community groups and residents march in Corner Brook, call on Liberals to rescind austerity budget.

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Open Letter to Minister Gerry Byrne on his recent comments concerning part-time students

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“Part-time students should not be punished for making the decisions necessary for themselves and their families to survive and to have a chance at a better future.”

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The Liberals have failed us on Bill C-51

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Many Canadians, including Liberal Party supporters, are disgruntled over the Liberal Party of Canada’s support for the Harper Government’s controversial anti-terrorism legislation, which has them questioning whether the once presumptive future government is really any different from the Conservatives.

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… meanwhile Gerry Byrne calls for an election delay

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Federal Liberal MP Gerry Byrne is calling for Premier Kathy Dunderdale to delay the timing of the Fall election for one month to give all parties a fair chance – saying that Yvonne Jones’ unfortunate resignation could not have been predicted and that it is the ‘democratic’ thing to do. Source: VOCM

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No easy catch

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Election candidates brave enough to face the crowd and talk solutions for the fishery

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