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The missing election issue: Free Trade’s assault on jobs

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Looking at the election platforms of our three major parties, it becomes clear there are issues that the politicians don’t want to talk about. Unfortunately, they are precisely the issues that most affect the livelihoods of Canadians.

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Lament for a donut

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What donuts can teach us about Canadian nationalism, neoliberal globalization, and hope for the future

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Players, absentees and spectators in the CETA ambush

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Who supports the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, and why? Who might have opposed it, but hasn’t? Are there prospects for stopping it?

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Absurdities of global food travel

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How we’re selling ourselves short

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CETA trade deal trades us away

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Guest columnist Jonathan Parsons says Globalisation is set to make further inroads in Newfoundland and Labrador under the Canadian European Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement.

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