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No, Margaret Wente, all is not forgiven

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Margaret Wente says a recent trip to Fogo Island changed her view of Newfoundland. No, it hasn’t.

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Independent to introduce subscriber paywall

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KIDDING! But this is what we’d say if we really were … 😉

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Does lower voter turnout always favour incumbents?

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That’s the question that The Globe and Mail asks us. Citing low turnout in all of the recent provincial elections – all of which saw the incumbent governing parties re-elected – are we seeing a trend being established? “Since Confederation, the re-election of governing parties at the federal level has coincided with a decrease in turnout from the previous election in almost two-thirds of cases.” Click here to read the interesting article. Also, be sure to check out The Independent‘s feature on low voter turnout in Newfoundland and Labrador here. Source: The Globe and Mail

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Women could take big step in NL: The Globe and Mail

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“The most interesting news from the spate of provincial election campaigns underway comes from Newfoundland and Labrador, which could be about to take a leap forward for the cause of women in politics.” The Globe and Mail writes today about the probability that Newfoundland and Labrador will elect its first woman Premier, and also that her opposition may also be led by a woman. Source: The Globe and Mail

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