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Greg Malone

Why the nationalism debate needs to stop being dominated by white men

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A recent panel on Newfoundland nationalism at MUN reveals the stale nature of the debate.

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If FREE NFLD is a call to action, what is it asking us to do?

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Telling the Newfoundlanders: An idea whose time has come

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What power holds the written word?

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An “unruly and prodigal child”…(part 2)

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Hans met up with Greg Malone to discuss his new book ‘Don’t Tell the Newfoundlanders’. In Part 2 of this feature, they discuss the confederation struggle…and the future.

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An “unruly and prodigal child”: Greg Malone, Newfoundland and Confederation

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Hans met up with Greg Malone to discuss his new book ‘Don’t Tell The Newfoundlanders’, which does exactly the opposite of its title. And the implications of the telling could be far-reaching….

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Muskrat Falls ‘process’ catalyst for democracy in the streets

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Against intensifying discontent over what many are calling “undemocratic” governance, the Dunderdale-led PCs are pressing to sanction the Muskrat Falls megaproject. As a result, more people are going outside, meeting others and finding new ways to make their voices heard.

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