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Working toward “ecological conversion”

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MUN professor takes aim at consumer capitalism for its role in the ecological and climate crises, draws inspiration from Pope Francis in leading a local initiative to start “a new conversation” about ecology and sustainability.

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Social license, more than public consultation

in Letters by

Private interests wanting to develop natural resources need to do more than “consult” with local residents — they need locals’ consent and approval

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Newfoundland for shale?

in Old Lost Sea by

Fracking? It’s a complicated issue, but one we need to try to understand.

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Central Newfoundland: a big area with plenty small surprises

in Featured/The Green Space by

We all need to visit natural areas to recharge; here are a few suggestions.

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A literary feast under the Table(lands)

in Arts & Culture/Featured by

Writers at Woody Point literary festival showcases authors and musicians from Newfoundland and Canada in the heart of Gros Morne National Park. With files and photos from Justin Brake.

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Moose hunting opens in National parks for first time

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As of yesterday the moose hunting season opened in two National parks – 20 licences have been issued for Terra Nova and 382 in Gros Morne. Earlier this year, Parks Canada said it was forced to allow hunting in the parks – which is forbidden in many other national parks – because moose are destroying habitats that other species need. There are reportedly 5,000 moose in Gros Morne alone. “In the national parks, we don’t allow the use of ATVs, snowmobiles, or motorboats on inland waters. I guess it’s the old fashioned way of carrying by hand,” said Kevin Robinson from Terra Nova park. Source: CBC

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