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What public consultation on the TPP?

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We went to a federal government-organized ‘public consultation’ on the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement that the general public didn’t seem to know about. Here’s what went down.

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Snowflakes and the avalanche: promoting fracking in Newfoundland

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Public lecture offers engineering perspective, makes fracking debate murkier

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New MNL President pursuing ‘aggressive’ agenda

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Churence Rogers, mayor of Centreville-Trinity-Wareham, is the new president of Municipalities Newfoundland and Labrador and he has plans for his two-year tenure. “There is a major imbalance in equity in terms of the fiscal ability of our municipalities,” he said to The Western Star. “We need to deal with that, now, not later.” Rogers has indicated that discussions of a new fiscal arrangement for municipalities is high on his agenda. “The current system of taxation is unfair,” he said. “A lot of inequities exist in the current system, so we need to look at alternative sources.” The Western Star also reports that municipal representatives want to have their say in future of the fishery; in consultation with Memorial University’s Harris Centre he said they will establish an advisory committee and formulate a position paper on the governance and management of that industry. Source: The Western Star

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Prosperity: an unlikely challenge

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Public panel examines Newfoundland and Labrador’s ‘prosperity’: is it coming, going, or slipping through our fingers?

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