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Confederation Chic

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Every history, so they say, is a history of the present. The past is brutally unchanging, but what flares up through its wreckage to the observer hinges on the moment they turn to look back. (“The way to see,” according to one French mystic, “is to not always be looking.”) This is especially true in the case of historical ruptures that never quite get stitched up, or those regularly reopened under political strain. Newfoundland and Labrador’s Confederation with Canada in 1949 certainly fits this bill. Confederation was legendary in its own time, thanks to both the propagandist in the Premier’s chair and the romantic reaction he generated. As it recedes from living memory its mythic stature will only grow. You need only see Joe Smallwood, ‘Last Father of Confederation’, decked out in a Newfie Republican tricolour bowtie to realize we regard our past through a thickening stained-glass windowpane. It’s been…

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Enabling dependency

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How can we explain the continued government inaction in the face of the worst recession since the cod moratorium?

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Tropical Storm Maria may hit Newfoundland

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The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting early on Tropical Storm Maria. The forecast path has Maria passing west of or over Bermuda early on Sept. 15, then east of Nova Scotia before possibly hitting Newfoundland on Sept. 16. Energy assets in the storm’s potential path include the Sable Offshore Energy Project, a natural gas field off Canada operated by Exxon Mobil Corp. and Royal Dutch Shell Plc.Hibernia Management & Development Co. also has two rigs under the storm’s potential path over the company’s oilfield on the Grand Banks off Newfoundland. Maria once was pegged to become a hurricane, but it is no longer believed the storm will reach that intensity. Source: The Sand Francisco Chronicle

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