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Uncovering the early years of organized soccer in Newfoundland

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MUN professor appeals for help from the public.

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Who are we? Complex cultural identities on the Island of Newfoundland

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Newfoundland’s history, like its people, is much more complex than we’re taught in school. That’s something which needs to change.

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Whose water is it, anyway? (Part 1)

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We have exploited our freshwater supply in the name of industrial and resource development for more than a century, but are we moving toward relinquishing control over *how* and *why* we use our most valuable resource? Part 1 of ‘Whose water is it, anyway?’

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Our home and Native land

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A friendly little warning…

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Revisionist Fishtory

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Yes, the fishery is in crisis. And no, it’s not just everybody else’s fault.

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New app acts as “time machine”

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For people who have stood at a monument or scanned a landscape — the Great Wall of China, for instance, or the U.S. Grand Canyon — and wondered how it looked 100 or more years ago, there is now an app for you…. and the app seems to have already landed in Newfoundland. One photo from 1938 shows a car being tugged across Newfoundland, Canada’s Placentia Gut by two small wooden boats, a method that was retired as soon as a bridge was built to provide a more efficient route. The app uses GPS to find content that has been added within a certain vicinity. Users can also browse content that has been uploaded at any location on the map. The results can be filtered by date, ranging from the 1840s (the time of the earliest photographs) leading up to the present day. Source: International Business Times

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Gros Morne’s Old Lost Sea

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The extraordinary, ancient, oceanic landscape that made Gros Morne National Park a UNESCO World Heritage site.

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VIDEO: The most interesting people in Newfoundland | Margaret Mullins

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This week, Martin brings us tales from author Margaret Mullins

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Cool innings: The revival of cricket in N.L.

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Rakesh Negi playing cricket

Our cricket correspondent Liam Herringshaw gives us his personal look back on the summer revival of cricket in this province, plus some schooling on our history with it AND current scores from the winter league

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