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Unmasking Donny Dooley: Newfoundland’s Most Wanted Troll

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For years, an anonymous Twitter account mocked accident victims, berated grieving parents, and terrorized women. Today the Independent removes his mask.

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The Gossip Mill: 25 Years after the Village Mall Affair

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One of the most fascinating things about the Village Mall affair is its longevity. Nearly a quarter century after the investigation into cruising at the shopping mall, people are still gossiping about what happened. Some people will recall the story of the Habs jersey. The rumour at the time was that men who were looking for sex at the Village would wear Montréal Canadiens jerseys in order to identify one another. This only makes sense if one forgets that the Habs won the NHL playoffs in 1993 the last time a Canadian team got the Stanley Cup. It is safe to assume that many men were wearing those hockey jerseys in the winter and spring of that year, not just ones cruising for sex. Recent discussions over Pride, police, and public apologies have raised concerns over the way LGBTQ histories come to be celebrated and the challenges that arise when…

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Claude Elliott is no hero of mine

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The success of ‘Come From Away’ cannot invisibilize the outgoing Gander mayor’s refusal to embrace the rights given to LGBT+ Canadians.

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Queer support line in the works for province

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Organizer returns to St. John’s with hopes of launching support service

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