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House of Assembly

There Will Be No Coalition Government

in Analysis/Longread/Opinion by

Opposition parties and independents can float forming a coalition government as much as they want. The precedent is clear that it would not happen.

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Here’s to a Harassment-free House

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A safe and respectful workplace opens the doors for a diversity of players to participate in politics. The system itself becomes an accessible option.

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Reaping Without Sowing: Government Support for the Arts in NL

in Featured/Journalism by

Newfoundland and Labrador’s Transportation, Culture, Industry and Innovation Minister Christopher Mitchelmore loves the arts. He is very excited about all the wonderful work being produced in this province by its artists, and he cannot wait to share their stories with the world. This is wonderful. Unfortunately, Minister Mitchelmore seems to have some trouble listening to stories from local artists when they’re directed at him. Spearheaded by playwright Robert Chafe and director Courtney Brown, local artists last week organized a letter-writing campaign to the provincial government looking for an increase in funding to ArtsNL. “[ArtsNL is] the only pot of funding, really, that exists in the province [and] that goes directly to working artists to start the product that will actually fill the theatre, fill the CDs, fill the film halls, that kind of thing,” Chafe told the CBC. “The cultural programming in the province wouldn’t exist without it.” ArtsNL funding…

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Grassroots movement lays path for mental health justice

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The House of Assembly proceedings of Jan. 21 weren’t only a win for democracy, they were a victory for the thousands province wide who don’t have access to adequate mental health care services and want to see meaningful change

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God guard thee, Newfoundland

in Deadmonton Dispatches by

What the rushed passage of controversial Bill 42 reveals about our leading political parties, their understanding of legislative reform and their propensity for anti-democratic decision-making

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Thoughts from Neptune on NL politics

in Power and Dissent by

Observations on galactic-scale farce

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RE:form and function

in View From The Mainland by

Recent events in provincial politics should have us thinking about what we want the relationship between constituents, elected members and party leaders to be

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Decker believes Aylward should step down

in Daily Indygestion/Email Indygestion/Journalism by

“All of us Liberals owe Kevin a tremendous debt. What he did for the party was absolutely outstanding,” said Chris Decker, a former minister in the Clyde Wells Liberal government of the early 90’s. “[But] my advice to Kevin would be to step aside.” Liberal leaders Kevin Aylward did not win his own riding in Stephenville, which means that the official opposition is left without its leader in the House of Assembly. There are three options ahead for the party: Aylward can step aside and the party can appoint a new interim leader; Aylward can ask one of his elected MHAs to resign so that he can run in a by-election to win a ‘safe’ seat; or he can stay on as leader. Some believe that the latter option is most reasonable – Aylward did not enter into the fray expecting to be the leader long term, but he did…

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House of Assembly not a place for ‘constructive debate’ – Premier

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Drawing fire for deciding not to open the House of Assembly until 2012, Premier Kathy Dunderdale isn’t mincing words about how she feels about the House. “I don’t find it a place for a very healthy, open, constructive debate to start with,” she said. Explaining that she expects the government would be working until December to prepare legislation, and next spring is the earliest it would be tabled anyways, she sees no need not to wait until the Spring to open the doors to the Confederation Building. “Most of my issues are around the quality of debate and the research and the fact that you can pretty well get up in the house of assembly and say whatever it is you like. You don’t have to be concerned with truth.” Dunderdale is referring to both the sensational antics that take place in the House and the fact that MHA comments…

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