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House of Commons

RE:form and function

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Recent events in provincial politics should have us thinking about what we want the relationship between constituents, elected members and party leaders to be

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Representation by numbers means we don’t count

in Featured/To Each Their Own by

Conservative plan to undermine our federal representation is something we ought to be worried about

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One last trip up the hill for Layton

in Daily Indygestion/Journalism by

Jack Layton’s final trip to Parliament Hill began early this morning as his hearse left a Toronto funeral home in pre-sunrise darkness. At noon Mr. Layton’s casket is expected to arrive to lie in state in the foyer of the House of Commons. Visitation will begin at 1:30 for dignitaries and 2:00 p.m. for the public. For two days, Mr. Layton will lie in state in the House of Commons foyer where Canadians will be able to pay their respects. On Friday and Saturday, before Mr. Layton’s funeral, there will also be visitation at Toronto City Hall. Mr. Layton wanted a public funeral and a “celebration of life.” Source: The Globe and Mail

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Memo to new NDP MPs

in Hang On a Sec by

Giggling on hearing the phrase ‘honourable member’ is unbecoming to a federal politician. Get a grip, people.

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