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The cost of living simply

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Homesteading sounds like a wonderful lifestyle, but it is also utterly unattainable for many in Newfoundland and Labrador who are working low-wage jobs and lack capital.

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Fighting for landlords’ rights

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The revolution has begun! Viva la landlord!

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Shrive to do better

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Yesterday was ‘Pancake Day’, and there was also much talk about homelessness. Let’s not keep it to a single day.

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Our housing crisis

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Why the skyrocketing cost of housing in St. John’s is a problem for everyone in the province.

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Northern Strategic Bland

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I just spent a week in Kuujjuaq, Nunavik. I’ve always been jealous of their regional governance, but now have a new appreciation for our ability to help our neighbours and help ourselves in the process.

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Labrador mayor warns hydro project will be a strain

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The mayor of Happy Valley-Goose Bay says the proposed Lower Churchill project could make the area’s housing problem worse and cost businesses and residents money. He spoke Thursday night at the first environmental assessment panel’s hearing into the project. “If you were looking for an apartment in town today or tomorrow, you’d have a very difficult time,” said Mayor Leo Abbass, who expects the challenge to find housing to only worsen. He’s also afraid the project will put a strain on the town’s roads, water supply, firefighting resources and even the dump. He feels they will all need upgrading to handle the project. “The town will incur significant costs that it can not reasonably expect its residents and businesses to bare in increased taxes,” he said. To hear Grand RiverKeeper’s comments on the hearing, see Indy coverage.

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