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BOOK REVIEW: “Beyond Banksters” by Joyce Nelson

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Joyce Nelson’s “Beyond Banksters” is an eye-opening, must-read exposé of a ravenous financial system.

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The Value of Compromise (a story about Elves)

in Featured/To Each Their Own/Travel by

In a country characterized by increasingly intransigent partisan politics, it sometimes seems that supernatural intervention will be required to get people to compromise. Here’s a story of how that might happen, courtesy of another small island in the North Atlantic.

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“Near to home as by sea…”

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Sometimes, going away brings us even closer to home

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Stowaways reach Newfoundland shore

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The RCMP and Canada Border Services Agency personnel were read waiting on the wharf in Harbour Grace for the arrival of the Newfoundland Lynx, a fishing vessel owned by Ocean Choice International – as the trawler’s crew discovered stowaways on their vessel after leaving Iceland on November 8. The stowaways are two men and a woman, and the CBC says that they are from Ethiopia. It is unclear at this point how the stowaways gained access to the vessel, but it appears they have been moved to St. John’s for the next stage in their journey. Source: CBC

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