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Jack Harris

I can see Cleary now the sane is gone

in Deadmonton Dispatches by

Ryan Cleary’s problem isn’t that he has no political principles. It’s that he’s principled to the point of pathology.

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What happens next?

in To Each Their Own by

Here are two things Justin Trudeau’s Liberals ought to do right away. Plus, a warning for the provincial Liberals.

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Harper’s “anti-terror” law one step closer to reality

in Journalism by

Against nationwide opposition, the Conservative Government’s impending “anti-terror” legislation passed its third reading in Parliament last week with the support of most Newfoundland and Labrador MPs.

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Bill C-51 “will infringe on our constitutional and civil rights”

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Dozens marched through the streets of St. John’s Saturday to protest Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservative government’s impending anti-terror legislation, Bill C-51

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NDP MP Jack Harris wants assurances for Goose Bay

in Daily Indygestion/Email Indygestion/Journalism by

Yesterday The Independent picked up on an Ottawa Citizen report that the Department of National Defense was considering closing military bases; Liberal Senator Colin Kenny, though not involved in any decisions but very familiar with the subject, cited CFB Goose Bay specifically as a base that had become redundant. NDP MP Jack Harris questioned the government about the report in the House of Commons: “CFB Goose Bay contributes over $75 million to Newfoundland and Labrador’s gross domestic product, and 5 Wing Goose Bay has served our country with distinction with its strategic northern location.” He received a typical Question Period response from Peter MacKay, the Minister of National Defense: “The new member from Newfoundland and Labrador that is now sitting as part of the federal cabinet in the Conservative government has made incredible efforts to ensure that we continue to make these historic efforts in Gander and Goose Bay, and…

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Aylward comes under fire for decisions made as MHA

in Daily Indygestion/Email Indygestion/Journalism/NL Election 2011 by

Liberal Leader Kevin Aylward is on the defensive regarding his role in preventing the auditor general from reviewing constituency allowances; before retiring from provincial politics in 2003 he was one of seven politicians on the Commission of Internal Economy when it voted to prevent that from happening. Ultimately of course when the books were reviewed later in the decade, gross mis-spending was uncovered which saw four politicians sent to jail. But Aylward said all politicians in the late 1990s supported the move to exempt the legislature.”The collective house of assembly including Jack Harris, leader of the NDP, and Loyola Sullivan and the Tory caucus also went collectively with that decision,” said Aylward reports the CBC. “It’s regrettable what occurred … Since then the Green commission has put in place what’s required. But we had a systematic breakdown in our accounting system.” Source: CBC

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