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Jones stepping down as Liberal leader

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Yvonne Jones, leader of the provincial Liberal party, is resigning from her position. Jones, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in the summer of 2010, is reportedly citing the advice of her doctor in making her decision. The departure of the Liberal leader comes just two months prior to a provincial election. For more the resignation of Jones and what this means for the political landscape, click here to take a look at Kieran Hanley’s article “The stakes just got higher” at TheIndependent.ca. Jones is scheduled to go in front of microphones at 1:30pm this afternoon. Source: CBC

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The unsung heroes of elections

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Through the Fog does its best to cut through the surface of politics in our province and our country, and tell the story of how it really works and what it all means to us in our daily lives.

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Getting elected is the easy part

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It was my experience that most Members of Parliament are working extremely hard – but the disconnect between what the voter expects from their MP and what that MP is actually required to do when in office is so great that there is no wonder there is perpetual disappointment.

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