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Communication is complicated

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“But far more numerous was the herd of such Who think too little, and who talk too much.” –John Dryden. During the early 1960s, I was assistant editor of The Newfoundland Examiner, a weekly tabloid published in St. John’s. It was a journal launched to provide progressive news and views that were not likely to be found in the province’s conservative media. Our sole reporter was Malcolm (“Mac”) Maclaren, who had earlier emigrated to Newfoundland from England. He and I were boarders in a lodge owned by Mrs. Penny (not her real name), and she became a good friend as well as a good host. One evening, however, her friendship with Mac was sorely tested. She had a dentist’s appointment at 8 o’clock the next morning, but her alarm clock was broken, so she was worried about getting there on time. “Oh, that’s all right, Mrs. Penny,” Mac assured her.…

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The phony war on Christmas

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, so when someone says “Happy Holidays,” don’t be a putz.

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Words matter

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Does Paul Davis represent a change for the Tories? A comparison of the language used by the provincial government with that of Davis during his leadership campaign provides a revealing answer

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What’s that accent?

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The politics of dialect, accent and language can be powerful, othering, and bizarre.

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Inspiration and the Poetry of the Surface

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Some thoughts about the power and potential in and of us all…

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So a Newfie goes to [New Zealand]…

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On the ‘N-word’ a long way from the Rock

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Fitting in (or, the art of learning a new language) [PERU]

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Katherine shares some observations on her language-learning experiences in Peru

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Lima in five observations [PERU]

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Katherine shares five important observations that newcomers to Peru should be aware of.

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Dissimilar Assimilation [Dubai]

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It’s one thing to be a resident of Dubai, but another, impossible thing to fully assimilate.

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