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A Vital step for human rights in N.L.

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Legislative changes are coming that will allow some people in the province to correct erroneously certified gender markers on their birth certificates and other government-issued identification.

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Taking the politics out of spending

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It’s time to get away from the “election pavement” mentality and look at Ontario’s legislated 10-year-plan approach to infrastructure development

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Air Canada talks break down; legislation imminent

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Talks between Air Canada and its flight attendants’ union broke down late Monday, making a strike at a near certainty starting tomorrow. A strike is likely to severely disrupt flights at the world’s eighth-biggest airline, but it appears any job action will be short lived. “We have put notice on the order paper today that we have the intention to introduce legislation should there be a work stoppage,” Labour Minister Lisa Raitt told reporters. Raitt cited the importance of the airline to Canada’s economy and the everyday lives of its people as reasoning for the legislation. The Conservative majority government is creating precedence for quick back-to-work legislation, as it has already done so with Canada Post and was in the process of doing so with other Air Canada employees in the Spring. Source: The Globe and Mail

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ATV death season

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Legislators have to get tough with manufacturers. Because the drivers can’t seem to save themselves.

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