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People may be living longer, but they suffer from lack of a genuine health care system

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Canadians are living longer, with current life expectancy now averaging 81. Statistics Canada reports that last year 750,000 Canadians were in their 80s and 305,000 in their 90s, with women significantly outnumbering men in both categories. (Of the 305,000 nonagenarians, more than 200,000 are female.) But StatsCan can’t measure the well-being of these senior citizens. One of its recent studies found that the health of most Canadians starts to deteriorate at the age of 69, but the extent and cause of that decline varies considerably at the individual level and is not measureable. Obviously, it depends on the different internal and external determinants of health that affect each of us, and whether we can exert any control over them. People who choose a self-indulgent and dissolute lifestyle can shorten their life-spans to 70 or much sooner. But even when we eat nutritious food, exercise, and do our best to nurture…

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Groups to premiers: Force Harper on new Health Accord

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Groups lobbying in St. John’s this week say provinces will lose $36 billion in federal health care funding over next decade if premiers don’t pressure the Harper Government to renegotiate a new Health Accord, and that the lack of Medicare support could push Canada to a two-tiered system.

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Public health care facing its greatest threat

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Failure to renew the Canada Health Accord threatens us all. This province needs to join others in speaking out.

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