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Why is the United States always fighting a war somewhere?

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Why is the United States always fighting a war somewhere? Could it be because war is profitable? Harper’s magazine, in its June issue, reports on a panel of former soldiers that it convened at the U.S. Military Academy at Westpoint, New York. They were all veterans of wars waged by the U.S. over the past 30 years, mainly in Iraq and Afghanistan, or stationed in some of the nearly 800 military bases the U.S. maintains in more than 70 countries and territories around the world. These veterans were asked to explain why their country has been engaged in so many armed conflicts, and why, in none of them since World War II, has the outcome resulted in a decisive victory. And this despite the U.S. having the world’s best-trained and best-equipped armed forces. The war in Afghanistan has now dragged on for 17 years, under Presidents George Bush, Bill Clinton,…

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(economic)Hell or High Water

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One Labradorian’s view of the high cost politics being played out over Muskrat Falls and one towns economy

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DND looks to freeze size of forces; sell properties. Goose Bay in trouble?

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The Ottawa Citizen is reporting that the size of the regular Canadian Forces will be frozen at 68,000 people for the next several years and the military and Defence Department will look at selling off property and shutting down facilities as part of its belt-tightening – a belt-tightening that each government department is expected to accomplish over the next years. Senator Colin Kenny said closing bases and selling off surplus property is essential since unwanted or underused facilities are costing the military hundreds of millions of dollars annually to maintain. Kenny indicated that up to 25 per cent of DND’s facilities, some of which date back to the Second World War, could be sold or shut down. Worrisome to Newfoundland are his comments regarding Goose Bay: he said Goose Bay in Newfoundland and Labrador is a good example of a site that has become redundant to military needs. “It’s been…

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Air Force, Navy becoming Royal once again

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Defence Minister Peter MacKay said Tuesday his government has corrected a historic mistake by restoring the “royal” designation to the air force and navy. MacKay announced the Maritime Command and Air Command will again be known as the Royal Canadian Navy and Royal Canadian Air Force — names that haven’t been used in more than four decades. The army, formally known as the Land Force Command, will be renamed the Canadian Army. The royal designation was removed from the navy and air force in 1968 when the branches were renamed and brought under one central command named the Canadian Forces. Source: CBC

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The Politics of Arctic Sovereignty

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It’s time Canadians demand to know how long Stephen Harper plans to continue playing the Arctic sovereignty card without actually doing anything to ensure that sovereignty.

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