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minimum wage

The Hands that Feed, Part 1: Faces of the Grocery Frontlines

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Despite the fanfare for their service, food retail employees themselves are not convinced they’re ‘recognized’ in ways that actually improve their lives.

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Living Well Amid Waste: Wealth, Wages, and Food Insecurity

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Newfoundland and Labrador has the highest rate of food insecurity in Canada. It also has the second lowest minimum wage. These two things are connected.

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A minimum wage worker speaks out

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As a minimum wage worker, who like most of those I know working minimum wage jobs (both here in Newfoundland and Labrador and across the country), works part time to full time to support myself and those I care about, I know the value of every paycheque I get. I know the value of making even a few cents extra on minimum wage, and the potential benefit to myself and others that a true living wage could one day provide. When the news featured Tim Hortons franchises cutting benefits in Ontario to make a statement against having to give workers a fair wage I saw people who would sacrifice someone else’s long term future for their own short term gain. I saw people crying foul from their winter homes in Florida because they no longer get to profit off of a broken system. Evidently so does Tim Hortons’ parent company,…

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It’s time for a $15 minimum wage

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Ontario just introduced a $15 minimum wage. The benefits are obvious, and it’s time for this province to do the same.

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An Open Letter to Cathy Bennett Concerning Anxiety

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“Respectfully, Minister Bennett, the anxiety that you are currently witnessing pre-exists this budget.​ ​Your budget has inflamed it.”

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Minimum wage town hall spawns stories of poverty

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Newfoundland and Labrador may be a so-called ‘have’ province, but despite the record corporate profits from our natural resource industries, thousands of minimum wage workers are living on or below the poverty line

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Should we raise the Minimum Wage?

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There are good reasons to raise the minimum wage, and good reasons to explore other options. What’s your take?

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Message from the Premier

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A Labour Day message from the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador

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Hard, Hard Times (by design)

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Minimum wage policy would make life harder for the province’s women

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Minimum wage: all the rage!

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A minimum wage increase is a good start. But it’s only a start…

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Anatomy of a boom (Part 1)

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Between 2005 and 2009 assessed incomes in Newfoundland and Labrador increased by 49%. The boom we are experiencing is without precedent in Canadian history, but it is also exceptional for a quite different reason.

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