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Dispatches from Printemps 2015

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While students and other segments of civil society take to the streets of Montreal and Québec City to oppose austerity, are Newfoundlanders and Labradorians prepared for the austerity measures headed our way?

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Puffin takes a vacation to Montreal

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CTV is reporting that a puffin has made its way into Montreal all the way from Newfoundland. “Downtown Montreal hosted an unusual tourist last Thursday in the form of an Atlantic puffin which had likely hitched a ride on a ship that traveled from Newfoundland.” The bird, which is reportedly in good shape and is in good spirits, is being taken care of at a veterinary clinic before it is sent back to Newfoundland where it will be cared for by a man who specializes in taking care of troubled puffins. “The puffin is a pelagic bird and can only fly on water, which made it unable to take flight on the streets of Montreal.” For more, check out CTV’s article via the link below. Source: CTV

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