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Office tower officially begins construction

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The plan was to hold an official ceremony yesterday but since the weather was so ugly, the ceremony was held inside the convention centre instead. The ceremony marked the official start of the first new office building in the downtown area in more than 25 years. For a picture of the building, visit The Telegram’s page here. The building will be 6 floors high, include hundreds of parking spaces for the public, revitalize the West end of Water Street, and even have an aesthetically pleasing face to the waterfront. What more can you ask for? Source: The Telegram

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Fortis given go-ahead to build tower

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The St. John’s City Council has approved of Fortis’ proposal to build a new 12-story office building on the corner of New Gower Street downtown. The structure of one of three large proposals slated for that intersection, and the first one approved. A view-plane analysis of the area with all three buildings included can be found here at the Skyscraper Forum. Source: CBC

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