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NL Election 2021 District Focus: Lake Melville

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Candidates, L-R: Perry Trimper (Ind.), Andrew Abbass (Ind.), Michelle Baikie (Liberal), Amy Norman (NDP), Shannon Tobin (PC)

Lake Melville is being watched closely by all three major political parties, who see potential opportunity against independent incumbent Perry Trimper.

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NL Election 2021: Free, Prior, and Informed Consent

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Eight surgeons gazing down on a patient in an operating room.

Voters do not have the ability to give properly informed consent so far in the 2021 election. That’s a major problem.

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There are No Captains at the Wheel

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election 2019 nl

This election is a referendum on Newfoundland and Labrador’s political class, and the status quo is losing. All we’re missing is a way to vote “no.”

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The Phony War

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Photo by CHMR/The Independent.

Well, the provincial election is finally here. After months of rumours and weeks of high-volume spending announcements, Premier Dwight Ball this week called a snap election for 16 May 2019. If your democratic morale is low, fear not—this will all be mercifully over by May Two-Four, so we’ll be able to flee into the woods and get drunk to process what’s happening. Lord knows it will be necessary. To be honest, this barely even feels real. The whole campaign is already a giant fever dream. Twirling Towards the Future Even though everything is happening according to their schedule, it’s hard to avoid the impression that the Liberals are flying through this by the seat of their pants. They spent the last month making major funding announcements obviously meant to shock and awe the electorate into submission. We got the $2.5 billion Hibernia Dividend; we got the elimination of tax on…

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CHEAP Thrills: This Week at The House

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Question Period is like a soap opera, except about politics and with terrible pacing. Old storylines are picked up wherever they left off while new, meandering subplots bubble up all the time. All the actors in the show have tangled, weirdly passionate interconnections that sometimes go back decades. But the script is badly written and all the drama is exaggerated beyond any resemblance to a reality most people would recognize. Prolonged exposure seems hazardous to human mental health, and I worry the surrealist funeral parlour lighting in the scrum room might trigger an acid flashback. Outside of the actual content of the House of Assembly, though, it has been a tremendous first two weeks at the House of Assembly. My colleagues in the press gallery are all lovely. I am deeply humbled to be part of that small cadre charged with checking on the stewards of the state. This job…

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Wait now, I thought it was 2015?

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We’ve achieved gender parity in our federal cabinet, but will we see the same in N.L. following next week’s provincial election?

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Orange you glad change comes better late than never?

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It’s been deferred for months but a straggling NDP finally gets a chance for renewal. But will it be enough?

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