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NL Rising

Dwight Ball is Untouchable

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If Dwight Ball has learned anything amid all the turmoil and unrest of his first mandate, it’s that it can’t touch him. He just needs to ride it out.

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#NLRising, 3 Years On

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The 2019 NL provincial election is just eight days away, and yesterday marks three years since the #NLRising rally on Confederation Hill, organized by the NL Federation of Labour. I was invited to sing a couple of songs, so I took the opportunity to write a new one, directly addressing the 2016 Liberal austerity budget. Out came ‘Go Away Dwight and Cathy’, which singled out cuts to education and library closures, cuts to healthcare, and the ‘deficit reduction levy’. The 2016 Liberal budget was an attack on the people of Newfoundland and Labrador, there is no doubt about that. But people spoke out. The rally worked, to some degree. The song? The downfall of writing political songs is that they are only usually relevant to a situation for a short period of time, however, they will always remain historically significant. ‘Go Away Dwight and Cathy’ never gets much airplay these…

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The merchant days are over

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“We need to stand together and show that we are more than the quaint people hanging clothes in tourist commercials.”

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Liberals face mounting scorn as anti-austerity movement matures

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As residents and groups ramp up direct action efforts while resistance to austerity grows, some observers are calling for movement to embrace mutual aid.

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Something very different is happening in Newfoundland and Labrador

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For all the negative things it will do to our province, the Liberals’ austerity budget is bringing people together in a very meaningful way.

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