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Newfoundland and Labrador’s ‘Clean Oil’ in a Global Context

in Analysis/Opinion by

The relative cleanliness of NL’s offshore oil is the key selling-point for the industry’s future in a low-carbon world. But does this argument hold up?

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Oil leaks a sign of bigger problems for N.L.

in Journalism by

Evidence of oil leaking into Port au Port Bay on Newfoundland’s west coast has intensified ongoing debate surrounding controversial oil development in this province and how it is impacting vulnerable ecosystems like the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

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in Republic of Oil by

On the culture and consequences of climate change denial in Newfoundland and Labrador…

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No more Old Harry extensions for Corridor Resources

in Journalism by

Enough is enough, coalition tells Petroleum Board

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Series finale for Republic of Oil?

in Power and Dissent by

Why Newfoundland and Labrador’s oil reserves may be left untapped

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On a Moroccan Roll

in Old Lost Sea by

How could a discovery beneath the seafloor of Atlantic Canada enable prospectors to locate oil in North Africa? It’s all thanks to our old friend, plate tectonics…

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This election could be our last chance

in Featured/To Each Their Own by

Enough vague promises. This is our last chance to get something right.

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