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Province moving closer to plastic bag ban

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“We do not need this plastic in our environment,” says environment minister after Liberal Party joins a growing call to ban single-use plastic bags in N.L.

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Emergency response needed at Shoal Point

in Letters by

Environment and Conservation Minister Dan Crummell is downplaying oil pollution in Port au Port Bay and the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

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Litter shaming and projection

in Power and Dissent by

Placing blame — and litter — where it should be placed.

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Spring again

in 61st Parallel/Featured by

With spring comes new life, and a thawing reminder of human activity’s cumulative effects on the natural environment.

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Environmental exhaustion

in Featured/View From The Mainland by

Brandon tries to calculate the environmental impact of this province’s gas-guzzling ‘toys’. What he finds is startling…

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Panel calls Nalcor’s analysis “inadequate”

in Daily Indygestion/Journalism by

A panel assigned to review the Lower Churchill hydro-electric project calls the company’s analysis of the project “inadequate,” while also asking for more information from Nalcor. The review panel is recommending a new, independent analysis based on economic, energy and environmental considerations. The new analysis would take into consideration domestic energy demand projections, as well as alternate energy sources, such as using offshore gas as a fuel for the Holyrood thermal generating facility. The panel’s summary of their findings states: “The panel has determined that the project would have several significant adverse environmental effects on the aquatic and terrestrial environments, culture and heritage and, should consumption advisories be required in Lake Melville, on land and resource uses.” Source: CBC

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