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Time-travelling: Abortion in Northern Ireland

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Women in England, Scotland and Wales have had safe, publicly-funded abortion services for nearly 50 years now. Northern Ireland is also part of the United Kingdom. So why is abortion there still governed by Victorian legislation? And what does it mean for women who want to end a pregnancy?

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Abortion access on the agenda

in To Each Their Own by

It’s about time government took proactive measures to fulfill its obligations around reproductive health

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Wolf in Shuping’s clothing?

in Gadfly by

When Martha Shuping spoke at Memorial University on Sept. 25, her talk was billed as a primer in helping women. The story behind the headline was not so clear-cut.

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Renovating the abortion debate

in Lassie Bread and Roses by

Getting rid of what isn’t working, welcoming what might.

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Abortion in Canada: Good legal principles, bad political faith

in Featured/Gadfly by

Legally speaking, we live in the world’s most liberal abortion regime. So why do so many women struggle for access to this basic health service?

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Requiem for a great Canadian

in Featured/To Each Their Own by

Henry Morgentaler was a rare Canadian hero of democracy, justice and human rights.

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