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Our squandered pride and prosperity

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After reaping upward of $20 billion in offshore oil revenues in a decade, we have little to show for government’s reckless spending. After years of great promises wrapped in fierce pride, the PCs have placed us in worse fiscal straits than before they took office.

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Labour unions rally against privatization

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The government’s recent announcement it will privatize long-term care through public-private partnerships has the labour movement and both opposition parties crying foul, arguing people must come before profit.

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Budget 2015: demand the fall of the government

in Power and Dissent by

We are all responsible

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The (os)Borne Identity

in Featured/View From The Mainland by

A little rant on floor crossing

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Election Round-up: This is it!

in Featured/Journalism/NL Election 2011 by

On the cusp of Voting Day, a final analysis of the 2011 General Election…

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Election Round-up: One week to go

in Featured/Journalism/NL Election 2011 by

TheIndependent.ca counts down the weeks to the provincial election with a quick’n’dirty roundup of what’s happening on the campaign trails…

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Women being shut out of provincial election?

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So far all three parties are seeing significantly lower numbers of women candidates coming forward for the October provincial election

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