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Envisioning better politics: The Pitcher Party of NL emerges

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There’s a lot to be cynical about in light of the way politics is done these days. But, just before voters head to the polls in Newfoundland and Labrador’s 2015 general election, a new party has emerged to offer some words of encouragement and let us know there may be a fourth option in 2019.

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Status of Women debate a historic first for N.L.

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Last Monday’s debate revealed the province’s three leaders know a lot about the problems, but are less clear on the solutions.

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After Alberta

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The NDP victory in last week’s Alberta election shook that province and the country. But what does it mean for the federal NDP and the NL NDP here as we approach federal and provincial elections in the fall?

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We do not have the right to remain silent

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Something was forgotten in the recent provincial election…

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Non-stop election coverage? Try the CBC live blog.

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If you have an appetite for continuous provincial election coverage, you might want to check out the CBC NL Votes live blog. Keeping up with the activities of the three parties can be hard enough – not to mention with the candidates themselves. But the NL Votes Live Blog features the Twitter feeds of the entire CBC election team all over the province, keeping you up-to-the-minute with whatever’s going on. Check it out via the link below. NL Votes Live Blog

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The NDP: A Long way to go

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In this 3-part series, the results of the 2007 election are represented geographically, giving us an idea of the work ahead for each party to win even just one more seat.

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Election Round-up: Four weeks to go

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TheIndependent.ca counts down the weeks to the provincial election with a quick’n’dirty roundup of what’s happening on the campaign trails…

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… meanwhile the Liberals lose a 2nd candidate

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With the provincial election just over a month away, the Liberal party has lost its second candidate in under a month. Ken Carter told the party that he would no longer be able to run in the riding of Fortune Bay-Cape La Hune because it was too far away from his home and his family. Carter lives in St. John’s while the riding is situated on the south coast of Newfoundland. Carter says the decision is based primarily on the time commitment required of him, and has nothing to do with the party’s leadership. Earlier in August John Baird withdrew his candidacy because he had no confidence in new Liberal leader Kevin Aylward. Source: CBC

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Special ballot voting opens for provincial election

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The campaign hasn’t even started yet, but you can still vote. The general vote itself is still a long way off but Elections Newfoundland and Labrador says the dates to vote by special ballot are August 22nd to October 4th – a process generally reserved for those who do not believe they will be able to vote on October 11th. Source: VOCM

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Liberal candidate quits over party leadership

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Just two days into Kevin Aylward’s Liberal leadership and just two months until a provincial election, a candidate has withdrawn from his commitment to run in the next election. In an email Baird said he is leaving because he doesn’t have faith in the party’s new leader – Kevin Aylward. “[He] does not represent the progressive vision for the Liberal Party that attracted me to seek the nomination,” he wrote. Source: CBC

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Globe and Mail says the PCs are poised for a win

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“Governments in Newfoundland and Labrador tend to remain in power for a long time. At eight years, the current Progressive Conservative government has been the shortest since Newfoundland became a province in 1949.” Read The Globe and Mail’s in depth look at the upcoming provincial election by clicking the link below. Source: The Globe and Mail

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Thousands of NL Liberals debate policy, leadership in telephone town hall

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Virtual town hall allows supporters and public to weigh in on leadership candidates

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This election could be our last chance

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Enough vague promises. This is our last chance to get something right.

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