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(Election) Time for real action on racism

in To Each Their Own by

With barely a week left to the provincial election, will the parties have the courage to integrate anti-racism into their platforms?

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Fool me once: N.L. anti-politics

in Power and Dissent by

Is there any point asking public figures to be responsible for what they say or do?

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Liberal leadership ‘race’ interesting as promised; Hiller in the mix?

in Daily Indygestion/Journalism by

There is a report this morning from VOCM that former Chief of Defence Rick Hillier may be interested in the leadership of the Liberal Party. There has been no confirmation of this rumour, but it has already been a busy 24 hrs in the contest to succeed resigned Yvonne Jones. In the mix officially at this point are provincial Liberal party stalwart Danny Dumaresque and mainlander and former PC leader hopeful Brad Cabana, with St. John’s Lawyer Bern Coffey and former cabinet minister Chuck Furey said to be close to announcing their bid. Former federal MP Siobhan Coady is weighing her options, but is reportedly closer to the “no” side. Meanwhile Randy Simms, Dean MacDonald, and John Noseworthy have stated they will not be running. The race is on to noon on Friday! Source: VOCM

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