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remembrance day

Lest we forget, let’s put an end to war

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We are right to remember those we have lost to war. But we owe it to them, to ourselves, and to future generations to abolish warfare once and for all.

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Lest We Forget Aboriginal Peoples’ sacrifices for Canada

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Oftentimes Remembrance Day ceremonies pass without mention of the Aboriginal Peoples who served a country that was undeniably disrespectful to them in return.

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Why I am still wearing a white poppy for Remembrance Day

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The white poppy symbolizes grief for all victims of war, civilian as well as military, regardless of nationality. It also represents opposition to war and determination to work against the causes of war. Today it is relevant as ever in a Canada newly committed to humanitarianism and peacekeeping.

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Why I am wearing a white poppy for Remembrance Day

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The Peace Pledge Union asks people to wear a white poppy to symbolize their commitment to working for “the removal of all causes of war.” It’s an appeal Canadians should remember this year more than ever.

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“I’ll be glad to catch honest cod once more” – Part I

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How Newfoundland’s participation and role in the Great War changed us forever

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A Pittance of Time

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Terry Kelly is helping make the Canadian Embassy’s Remembrance Day ceremonies unforgettable.

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