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Right-sizing the House of Assembly

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A debate has erupted over how many seats should be elected to our legislature. What does a comparison with national trends tell us about the issue?

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Youth are meant to be seen and heard… sometimes

in The Green Space by

Delaying the reinstatement of the Wilderness and Ecological Reserves to appoint a “youth representative” is misguided.

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Crafty politics

in Featured/View From The Mainland by

At a time when government is trying to boost economic growth, why did they allow closure of the low-cost, high-yield Labrador Craft Marketing Agency?

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A Balancing Act (is coming)

in Featured/View From The Mainland by

In talking about Senate reform, people are missing the point. In fact, most of the points…

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St. John’s councilor worried about provincial representation

in Daily Indygestion/Email Indygestion/Journalism by

St. John’s City Councilor Danny Breen appeared on CBC’s On Point over the weekend, expressing concern that his city was possibly “snubbed” at the cabinet table at the provincial level. Premier Kathy Dunderdale herself technically represents the city as the member elected in the Virgina Water district, however none of the other MHAs elected in metro were appointed. Do you think St. John’s will be properly represented? Let us know. Source: CBC

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Representation by numbers means we don’t count

in Featured/To Each Their Own by

Conservative plan to undermine our federal representation is something we ought to be worried about

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