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Outgoing Senator has interesting things to say about upper chamber

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Less than two years after being appointed to the upper chamber by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Senator Vim Kochhar retired Wednesday having reached his 75th birthday and delivered a sharp assessment of the Conservatives’ plan for Senate reform. The Huffington Post caught up with Kochhar and he didn’t hold back with his comments. Among them: “I personally would like the age (limit) to be scrapped, I think it is discriminatory.” “If you are not in a good health, you should not stay there, but if you are in a good health and you can contribute, I think you should have more opportunity to contribute.” “I think when you go to all elected senators, it may be perceived to be more fair but (it is) not necessarily better for the second sober thought.” “I don’t think they would run for an election but they are top of their field and are…

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