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Do governments neglect social spending for corporate subsidies?

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Governments exist to protect the rights of minorities. The rich need no protection. — Wendell Phillips. When it comes to listing countries on the basis of the social services they provide to their citizens compared to the subsidies they heap on their corporations, Canada doesn’t fare well. A recent study from the University of Calgary’s School of Public Policy reports that our federal government and the four largest provinces spend $29 billion a year subsidizing business firms. The study’s author, John Lester, says that half of these huge subsidies fail to improve economic performance and therefore constitute a colossal waste of government revenue. “And because nearly one-third of all such subsidies just go generally to support specific industries or regions rather than to enhance economic development,” he added, “the proportion of questionable spending rises to 60% of the total.” Of the $29 billion in government handouts that corporations receive annually,…

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Time to fix the childcare problem

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Childcare is an investment in our society’s future. Let’s start treating it like one.

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Why Employment Insurance is an election issue

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A strong EI program is vital to strengthen our economy and our communities

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Long term caring

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Elder care strategy needs to be a higher priority in this province. Here’s how we can start.

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