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We will never have better than we demand

in Letters by

“All is well for western profiteers when their media and politicians can get us quibbling among ourselves over jobs and who gets a better pension.”

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Have you examined your life?

in Behind the Screens with Cinema Politica by

What happens when we begin questioning some of the fundamental values and assumptions that underpin our own beliefs and those of our society?

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Media, sexism and society

in Lassie Bread and Roses by

A challenging relationship that we need to rethink

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RNC have lost the plot

in Power and Dissent by

Who are the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary trying to recruit with their new video? How well do they understand the community?

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Rekindling an intimate relationship through film

in Arts & Culture/Featured by

The ‘People and the Sea’ film festival is here to remind us who we are and how we’ve survived in the North Atlantic for so long

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