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Why you need to know about the TPP

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Prominent thinkers are speaking out against it and pro-democracy groups are calling for proper public consultations. But is our government listening?

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New NAFTA lawsuits reveal disturbing, dangerous trend

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If corporate interests keep suing Canada and other countries under trade agreements like NAFTA, state sovereignty might soon be a thing of the past.

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CETA: What government doesn’t want you to know about ISDS lawsuits

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Opposition to CETA is increasingly focusing on the Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) section. What’s at stake for citizens?

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Nothing lasts forever…

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…not even in Canada

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In support of Labrador independence too

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“Labrador has its own identity, independent of the island. I now fully understand and support the idea of two equal parts…”

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How Labrador got its colours

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What the Big Land’s flag means after 40 years

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Labrador got Pwned

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The natives are restless. They’re tired of being owned at your game and it sounds like they’re ready to play their own again.

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Jamaica and Newfoundland: Colonies of Unrequited Dreams

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Newfoundland and Jamaica have a lot in common. Aside from being small islands with big personalities, both have struggled to find their place in the emerging world market and both have great potential to thrive in the years to come.

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The Politics of Arctic Sovereignty

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It’s time Canadians demand to know how long Stephen Harper plans to continue playing the Arctic sovereignty card without actually doing anything to ensure that sovereignty.

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