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St. John’s budget

So Moved, St. John’s: the Big Bad Budget & the End of 2020

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It was clear that Council did not take budget decisions lightly. What was less clear were the rationales behind some of those tough decisions.

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“Shame on you, each and every one.”

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“I urge you to repeal these cuts immediately. If you do, I would be more than happy to continue in my current position as poet laureate. If you do not, then you cannot pretend to be the sort of city that deserves a poet laureate anyway.”

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The State of the Arts: Fight or Flight?

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The City of St. John’s recent handling of a public art installation and council’s arbitrary budget cuts to arts funding have spurred major resistance from artists in Canada’s most colourful and creative city. Some say decision-makers’ disregard for the arts could prompt artists to leave Newfoundland altogether.

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