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A Visitor’s Guide to Alberta: Canada’s Misunderstood Province

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There’s more to us than cowboys and crude oil. Did you know the Caeser was invented in Calgary? We also ran a eugenics program until 1972. Go Alberta go!

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Cynicism and the cult of Trudeau

in Power and Dissent by

I’m happy you’re happy, but…

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Most tar sands oil will stay in the ground, and Harper knows it

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Partisans criticising Linda McQuaig’s remarks are either ignorant or lying.

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“I have a wish”: Labrador land defender Dennis Burden

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“I am not the model citizen and do not profess to be. But I do know we cannot continue down this path of destruction…”

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“We can’t continue at the rate we’re going”: Freda Huson of Unist’ot’en

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From Unist’ot’en to Elsipogtog to Nitassinan, NunatuKavut and Nunatsiavut — more and more of Canada’s Indigenous peoples are defending their land and rights. Jon Parsons speaks with Freda Huson of the Unist’ot’en Clan.

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CO2 levels rise to unprecedented highs in human history

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For the first time in human history, atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) reached a concentration of 400 parts per million in early May. But the mainstream media was occupied with other things.

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The price of oil

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The First Rule of Petro-politics is you don’t let people talk about petro-politics

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