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RE: “Don’t Cross Newfoundland & Labrador’s Thick Blue Line”

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“My fear is that women and girls experiencing violence in their lives and relationships may feel let down, leading to uncertainty about coming forward.”

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Part 3: Newfoundland and Labrador Considers How to Maintain Its Romance

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Back home, you embark on a vigorous online research endeavour: Getting Better. Improvement from the Inside Out. Healthy Habits. Eating Organic. Holistic Nutrition. You read, take notes, keep an ongoing list of URLs, all the while recognizing how your focus slowly splits into thirds – get better, show you want to get better, get better just enough to stall your lover’s departure. It’s difficult to get into this wholeheartedly when you know your bank account won’t maintain these diets. Six dollars for a pack of greens turning wet on the produce shelf. Grocery chains sell you packs of blueberries for five dollars so you won’t get them for free in the ditch. And none of this online literature addresses your lifetime habit of just keeping your belly full. A limited food budget meant mom could get bologna and KD – it kept the kids happy, kept them going. It showed…

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Today on The Independent…

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With 4 weeks to go until the provincial election, TheIndependent.ca’s Hans Rollmann rounds up what the major players have accomplished so far in the race. Click here to read Election Round-Up: 4 Weeks to Go. Meanwhile our intrepid round-the-world motorbike adventurer, Sherrie McCarthy, reflects on some of her more memorable accidents. Click here to read My best accidents. And also, get all of your news in one place with the nlNEWSwire. Click here to check it out – and bookmark it!

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VIDEO BLOG: A day in Cape Spear

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A video with stunning views, an ocean as blue as it is fierce, and playful whales.

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VIDEO: Wallace Ryan | Cartoonist at large

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Wallace Ryan

Legendary cartoonist Wallace Ryan talks comic strips and introduces his latest work, Animal Hall

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Ryan Cleary – Man on a Mission

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‘It’s a rare thing for me to believe a politician is actually on a mission, other than to feather his own nest’

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Bad Baby

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All babies cry and all babies poop and nurturing human life is not easy … are all babies bad?

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VIDEO BLOG: Crows and peanuts

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Crows are among the smartest living things on the planet. But even the best of us encounter real problems; contributor Bruce Bourque caught video of a crow who had somehow lost half of his beak. Watch the video, and read Bruce’s comments about the scene.

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Danny Williams: a profile

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A visually compelling read about the political career of our former premier

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