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Thomas Mulcair

Neoliberalism is destroying Canada: Former NDP leader

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Ed Finn, Newfoundland’s first NDP leader, sat down with The Independent to discuss the biggest challenge facing Canada today — the one nobody’s talking about in the lead-up to the federal election.

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The orange wave swells again

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With mere months to go until the federal and provincial elections, the New Democratic Party is enjoying a resurgence at both levels. Can they maintain, and even strengthen, their momentum in the weeks and months until voters go to the polls?

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NDP caucus meetings underway in St. John’s

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The federal NDP’s caucus meetings in St. John’s began Wednesday morning with a moment of silence to pay respect to the victims of last night’s shooting in Montreal and their families.

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Likelihood of NDP/Liberal merger shrinks

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With two of the leading contenders for the leadership of the federal NDP party now saying that they do not support a Liberal / NDP merger at this time, the odds of the “unite-the-left” movement making headway anytime soon is now quite slim. “I’m firmly opposed to any talk of merger with the Liberals,” leadership hopeful Thomas Mulcair said on CTV’s Question Period this past Snday. Brian Topp, who is also running for leadership, said no to a merger now, saying the NDP “don’t have to become Liberals to win.” Read more at the National Post. Source: National Post

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NDP now sets its sites on its leadership

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With the federal NDP now forced to move on in a world without Jack Layton, eyes are focusing on the party’s leadership. Party president Brian Topp, close advisor to Layton, admits he’s considering a leadership run to succeed Layton. Montreal MP Thomas Mulcair, Layton’s deputy leader, is widely considered to have a serious shot at taking Layton’s place. Other names include former Manitoba premier Gary Doer, former Nova Scotia NDP leader and newly elected MP Robert Chisholm, and veteran MPs Libby Davies and Paul Dewar. Source: The Winnipeg Free Press

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Memo to new NDP MPs

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Giggling on hearing the phrase ‘honourable member’ is unbecoming to a federal politician. Get a grip, people.

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