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A minimum wage worker speaks out

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As a minimum wage worker, who like most of those I know working minimum wage jobs (both here in Newfoundland and Labrador and across the country), works part time to full time to support myself and those I care about, I know the value of every paycheque I get. I know the value of making even a few cents extra on minimum wage, and the potential benefit to myself and others that a true living wage could one day provide. When the news featured Tim Hortons franchises cutting benefits in Ontario to make a statement against having to give workers a fair wage I saw people who would sacrifice someone else’s long term future for their own short term gain. I saw people crying foul from their winter homes in Florida because they no longer get to profit off of a broken system. Evidently so does Tim Hortons’ parent company,…

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Lament for a donut

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What donuts can teach us about Canadian nationalism, neoliberal globalization, and hope for the future

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On the place of work

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The place of work shapes our lives, by its presence as well as its absence

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Local farm finds second use for Tim Horton’s coffee grinds

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Lester’s Farms is using old coffee grinds from Tim Horton’s to fertilize their fields – and is having great success. Jim Lester has been collecting used coffee grounds from Tim Hortons stores across the Avalon Peninsula for the past two years then composting the grounds with straw. The mixture makes a great fertilizer, he said, and also creates significantly less greenhouse emissions than the alternative. Lester says he’s cut down on the use of harmful greenhouse gas emissions caused by fertilizers by about 25 per cent, and he hopes to get that up to 70 per cent in four to five years. To date, Lester has collected 2,000 loads of coffee grounds from Tim Hortons stores around the Avalon Peninsula – material would have gone to the landfill otherwise, he said. Source: CBC

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