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Fences and neighbours

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At the end of the day, it seems as though this isn’t a story about an unsightly metal-and-plexiglass barrier. It appears to be a story about a group of people presuming to treat citizens like subjects.

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See the real Titanic – for $60,000

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Everyone is familiar with the story, but very few are able to see the Titanic in real life — unless you are incredibly rich. The $59,680 tab secures a seat on a deep-sea submersible that takes you to the shipwreck, as well as lectures, briefings, meals and accommodations at the port and on board the Russian ship. A total of 20 spots are available and those who can pay the fee fly to our very own Newfoundland before spending a few days at sea. “Our experiences are endless and only based on our imagination and your checkbook,” says Steve Sims, the concierge’s founder.

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