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Tom Mulcair

Mulcair’s exit is an opportunity, not a solution

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The federal NDP has voted to replace Thomas Mulcair, creating an opportunity to elect a bolder, more charismatic leader that could lift the party to new heights.

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Why the NDP lost the election

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It wasn’t the Liberals’ and New Democrats’ apparent ideological shifts that resulted in #elxn42’s red wave, but a return to the left could turn things around for the NDP.

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Please don’t take us for fools

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With election campaigns officially and unofficially in full swing, voters are bearing witness to a multitude of promises from politicians. We’re also seeing a rising number of disingenuous statements, some bordering on the laughable.

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Tories and Liberals are out of chances

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“Canada can move toward a ‘brave new world’ in the 21st century with the election of an NDP Government, one that I believe will be more caring, that will look after the vulnerable in our society and protect Canada’s stature internationally.”

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After Alberta

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The NDP victory in last week’s Alberta election shook that province and the country. But what does it mean for the federal NDP and the NL NDP here as we approach federal and provincial elections in the fall?

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Mulcair: “We all have to be prudent when we accept conventional wisdom”

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Federal NDP leader Tom Mulcair fielded questions from the press late Wednesday morning after his party’s first closed-door session at the Sheraton Hotel in St. John’s.

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