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Cranks & Cronk: A Covid-era Comedy of Manners

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Christmas in the Atlantic Bubble might be in jeopardy, but at least we’ve got this handy explainer about regional superstar Cortland Cronk.

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Unmasking Donny Dooley: Newfoundland’s Most Wanted Troll

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For years, an anonymous Twitter account mocked accident victims, berated grieving parents, and terrorized women. Today the Independent removes his mask.

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Classic @dril Posts Rewritten in the Rhythm of “Eleanor Rigby”

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We lost Twitter followers for this.

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Grants for Posting: An #elxn43 Short Story

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We need a new agency that will administer grants to the writers and artists of Online. This will enable Canada’s top-tier posters to focus on their craft.

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Why I’m glad James McLeod is back on Twitter

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Twitter and social media are part of modern journalism, and we need to get used to it.

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When politicians cross the social media line

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Our elected politicians’ behaviour online demands scrutiny.

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Face[book]ing the music

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Is ‘governing through silly’ the new order of the day?

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A worldwide brothel for attention whores

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How can we have so much communication and so little to say?

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Ophelia information? Snodden’s your man.

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Twitter is becoming a major resource for those looking for up-to-the-minute information on just about anything. For example, if you want to know everything one could ever know about Hurricane Ophelia and how it may or may not impact your day today, following Ryan Snodden’s Twitter feed is the way to go. His latest posts as of 6:45am: “Heaviest Rains have now worked North of Metro and up into Clarenville, Conception Bay N & Bonavista” “You can now see the inner rainbands of #Ophelia working into Placentia Bay now, as Centre of Storm approaches.” “#Ophelia is now officially a Tropical Storm, will officially make landfall over the Southern Avalon within the next 2 hours.” Interested but don’t have Twitter? CBC has pieced together a website where it continuously updates Snodden’s Twitter feed, along with other people’s comments and reactions to the storm as well. Check it out via the link…

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